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Web Site Services

Web Site Design & Development
We custom design and build each web site from the ground up. That means that we:

  1. Meet with you to discuss your web site goals and listen
    to your ideas and plans for your web presence.
  2. Develop a plan and proposal specific to your project.
  3. Create a custom-designed layout to reflect your
    organization's culture.
  4. Build your web site with the functionality you want in it.

You deal directly with your designer - there is no middle-man or sub-contractor. All work is done in-house. When it comes to web design, the possibilities are endless; if there's something you want to include in your site, ask us about it - we will work with you to make it happen.

Web Site Remodeling
We can give a face lift to a tired, outdated, stale web site. Often potential clients will take a peek at your web site before deciding whether or not to even contact you. A poorly designed site can drive away business and be more harmful than having no web site at all. We can create a bright, updated look for an existing site while retaining the existing text, scripts and functionality.

Template Customization
If you have already signed up for a DIY web site program, but find that you're stuck at the "now what do I do?" stage, we can help. We can customize a template that reflects the style of your business. Contact us to find out more.

Web Site Maintenance
Keeping a web site current and up-to-date is vitally important in today's marketplace. Let us relieve you of the task; we can manage updates for your site on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis, or as needed.

Blog Creation
Ready to jump on the information superhighway, but don't know how to get on? We can help with blog set-up, customization, layout and add-ons; and we can customize your blog to coordinate with the look and feel of your web site. Whether you have video that you want to include on your blog, or just some valuable tips for your clients, we can create a custom blog for you (and show you how to use it).

Photo Galleries & Special Effects
We have a variety of ways to showcase your photos, "before and after" pictures and/or illustrations. Additionally there are virtually endless special effects that we can incorporate into your site to give it a little "glitz" (without going overboard).

Audio/Video Clips
Do you have audio or video that you want to add to your site or blog? We can integrate audio files, and/or video clips into your site or blog so you can be in touch with your clients.

Hosting Recommendations
Web site hosting is necessary in order for a web site to be visible on the Internet. There are numerous hosting firms to choose from. While we do not host web sites, we are happy to work with the hosting firm of your choice or make a recommendation on a hosting firm for you. Hosting costs vary and depend on the size and functionality of a site, typically ranging from $10/month to $50/month and up.

Domain Name Consulting
Domain Names are available for purchase directly from an authorized registrar, such as Network Solutions or; alternatively, domain names can be purchased directly from some hosting companies. Domain names typically cost $35.00/year, and can often be purchased for multiple years at a discount. We are available to consult our clients on choosing a unique and appropriate domain name.


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