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Why Do You Need Website Maintenance?

Keeping a website fresh and up-to-date is important in today’s 24/7 marketplace.  Clients and search engines alike are looking for sites with current and updated information.  In fact, many visitors expect that a business’s site will be regularly updated with new products, images, or text.  Some sites are simply never even finished.  They start out with some of the pages built and some with “coming soon” messages that are never replaced with actual content.  We can get those pages done and make your website complete.

If your site was built a while ago and then left to sit, we can help you update it.  We know it can be overwhelming to maintain a website; let us take over the tedious task of adding new links, revising text, incorporating new images, or posting new blog entries.

Website maintenance can include the following:

  • Adding blog posts regularly
  • Linking to new articles
  • Including new press releases
  • Adding new images, video, or audio
  • Updating text and/or images
  • Creating new product or services pages
  • Incorporating animations on page loads for text or images
  • Updating product information
  • Including a new message on your homepage

Let us relieve you of the task of maintaining your website. We can manage updates for your site on a regularly scheduled basis –  weekly, monthly, or quarterly, or make changes sporadically as needed.

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