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Web Copywriting

Need help writing the content for your site?  If you’re like many small business owners, you’re busy running your business; you don’t have time to worry about writing copy for your website.  But good web content is important in order to let your clients know what you can do for them.  Additionally, well written website copy is important for search engine optimization.  Writing copy for your site can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Today’s audiences want quick bites of information, but you also need to provide some “meat” on the site – it’s a tricky balance.   Offload this task to us and let us write the text for your site. 

We find a happy medium between a conversational tone that is readable for people, and SEO-friendly text that is readable for search engines.  We work on providing easy-to-read chunks of information that also give your customers enough information about your company.  We speak with you, and more importantly, we listen in order to learn what your organization is about.  This allows us to write text that acurately reflects your business, your culture, and your style.

    If you already have text written for your site and it just needs a little tweaking, we can help yout with that too.  We’re happy to discuss copy edits, or fine-tune of your text so it’s readable and easy for visitors to grasp quickly.

    Our web copywriting services include:

    • Website copywriting
    • Editing existing web copy
    • Refining your existing copy so it’s SEO-friendly
    • Meeting with you (over the phone or in person)
    • Listening to what your business is about so we can learn who you are, what you do, what your business culture and style is like.
      • Who you are
      • What you do
      • What your business style/culture is like
      • How you want to present your business to the world
      • Who your target audience is

    We make sure to include appropriate keyword phrases in your website copy.  This helps the search engines to find your site and list it in their results.

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