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Help With a DIY Website

Today, there are many DIY website builders out there – many of them promise you can build your site within hours.  While it sounds appealing to create a website so quickly, many business owners do not realize that developing a website involves numerous factors from clear and concise SEO-friendly copy, to coordination of design with offline marketing materials.  Many DIY website options only offer cookie cutter type solutions with very little customization allowed; often if you want more personalization you have to upgrade to a more expensive plan.  You need your business to stand out, not just use an out-of-the box template that has your logo slapped on it.  There’s nothing worse than finding another company that has the same stock template site as yours.

You don’t have to throw out what you’ve got and pay lot of money for a custom website.  We can help take those DIY products and personalize them so your website doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

When we customize your DIY site, we:

  • Make careful design and layout choices that coording with your existing logo/marketing materials
  • Personalize your site with hand selected photographs and images that reflect your business
  • Edit copy to be easy to read and search engine friendly.
  • Customize navigation links and sub-menus
  • Set up contact forms correctly

If you signed up for a DIY web site program, but find that you don’t have the desire and/or time to do it, or are simply stuck at the “what do I do now?” stage, we can help.  We can finish the website you started, or create a new, customized template that reflects the style of your business.  We can build you a site in WordPress, Sitebuilder Squarespace, Wix, Blogger, or work with your DIY website template of choice.

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