DIY Websites

With the many, seemingly free and “easy” DIY web packages advertised today, it sounds like a simple task to build your own web site…until you actually attempt it.  While it may sound like it’s a snap to create a sophisticated, complex site in 3 clicks or less, building a site is much more complicated than that.  A lot more goes into planning and building a web site than many realize; target audiences, website & business goals, industry standards, and more.  Even if you can drag and drop images, nothing replaces the eye for design, marketing, and visual appeal that a professional has.  Many people assume that hiring a web designer is too expensive and that they can’t afford it, but that’s simply not true; there are many affordable web designers who work with small budgets.  If you’re goal is end up with a sleek, sophisticated web site that leaves a favorable impression on your customers, then you can’t afford not to hire a pro.

Web Goals

Getting visitors to your site is half the battle.  But then what?  When designing your site, think about what your goals are.  Do you want visitors to learn about a new product, or service?  Do you want them to buy a product?  Download a file?  Once you know what you hope visitors will do on your site, tailor it towards that goal.  Make links to your products/services clearly visible and obvious.  Focus your home page on the one item or service you want to promote – include images that clearly illustrate what you’re selling (remember to keep it simple, not cluttered).  Identifying your website goals will enable you to get the most from your site.

Over Sharing

We are so used to posting every detail of our lives online -no matter how minute – we’ve forgotten that some things shouldn’t be shared.  If you own a business, be careful about putting too much personal information on your business social media accounts.  Think twice before posting your child’s achievements on your business Facebook or Twitter accounts – depending on your industry, your business’s credibility can take a hit.