Ad Free Sites

We all have so many ads pushed at us daily, that we’ve become somewhat used to them.  They’re everywhere, so it’s no big deal to include them in your site, especially if it brings in some extra money, right?  Think long and hard about including ads on your site.  Ads can not only cheapen your site, but they can detract from your own business’s products and services – which is what you’re trying to promote.  Often ads can do more harm then good if they don’t bring in enough revenue to justify turning away potential customers.

The Fewer Options The Better

It’s a common misconception that the more choices we have, the happier we are.  Actually, the more choices we have, the more confused we are.  This is true on the web too – when there are too many buttons and links to click, visitors get overwhelmed – and leave.   Streamline your site and distill the number of links down to the minimum; this makes it easier for visitors to process the information on your site and find what they are looking for.  Clean and simple navigation allows visitors to see the organized and professional business that you are.