Website Pricing

How much should a website cost?  That’s a tricky question…it’s like asking how much does a house cost.  It depends on how big the site is, where it’s located, and what elements are included in it.  A site that has an online store integrated into it, or large back-end functionality like a secure login area for clients will cost more than a samll, brochure-type site.

Prices also vary wildly from one firm to the next.  A large PR or media firm that has lots of employees will likely charge more than an individual designer simply because they need to cover their company’s overhead costs in addition to making a profit.

Quite honestly it’s like the wild west out there when it comes to website pricing.  Comparison shopping is the best way to gauge an appropriate price range for your project.  Try to get 3-5 estimates.  Most importantly, choose a web designer you connect with and trust.

The Importance of Brevity

We’ve all seen the web sites that explain in very lengthy terms how amazing and wonderful their products/services are. Four paragraphs in, you realize that you still don’t know what the company does.

While users expect to find content and information on a site, that information should:

  • be clear and concise
  • communicate what a business does
  • show how it stands out from competitors

Headers that announce “The best service in the world!” are empty and meaningless since every company could claim that. Concisely tell your visitors who you are, what you do, and why they should trust you.  When possible, use images to help convey what your business is about.

Pick a Font & Stick With It

This week we focus on the use of consistent fonts on a website. It’s extremely distracting to read text in different font sizes, types, and styles. Not only is it distracting to try to read text when the color, size, and type keep changing from one sentence to the next, but it also destroys any professional credibibility a company is trying to establish.  You can highlight text with the use of one style such as bold, OR italics, OR color, OR text type, but not all at the same time, and not in successive sentences. When every sentence is a different font, bolded, in a new color, highlighted and italicized, all emphasis is lost. For the best effect remember that less is more.