Above the Fold

Newspapers know that important headlines and stories are placed “above the fold”, that is, above where the paper is folded in half so they can be seen when the paper is stored flat in a stack.  The same is true on the web; important links or featured products should be placed “above the fold” – which means they should be visible in the top portion of the screen so visitors don’t have to scroll down to see them.  Have a new item or service?  Place it in the top portion of your site so visitors are sure to see it.

Social Media for Those Who Hate It

Let’s face it, sending out Tweets and updating Facebook pages is not for everyone – some people would simply rather spend time on other tasks involved in running a business. But what if you just don’t have the budget for hiring someone to update your social media?  Twitter and Facebook are not going away anytime soon – companies that want to stay relevant in the marketplace are going to have to use them.   Here are a few options to make use of social media sites without having to spend hours updating your status:

  • Use a service like dlvr.it, Hootsuite, or LaterBro  that will automatically update FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with your blog posts.
  • Add links to social media on your own web site to enable visitors to help spread the word about your business.
  • Pre-write simple tweets or posts and set them to publish on a scheduled basis.

Less Is More

When designing a website themselves, people often make the error of “more is more”, resulting in a crowded, chaotic home page that is just too busy.  When visitors have too many choices and too much to look at, they get overwhelmed and often leave.

It’s tempting to want to include everything about your company right there on the home page so nothing is left out and visitors know you can “do it all”.  It’s better however, to let them discover this by breaking up all that information and putting it on separate pages.  But what if they don’t see the information?  How will they know I do everything if I don’t list it right there on the first page?!  With clear and easy navigation to your products, services, and “about us” pages, visitors will find all the information they are looking for without it being crammed into your home page.