You Don’t Get a 2nd Chance to Make a 1st Impression

When designing the layout of your site, remember that less is more.  The first impression visitors have of your site, will likely be the first impression they have of your company.  Many people check out a company’s site to decide if they even want to contact them.  Keeping the design simple and clean insures that:

  • Your site conveys that your business is professional and organized
  • Makes your message easy to understand
  • Makes it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for
  • Establishes legitimacy of your business
  • Helps establish trust with potential clients

If you’re not sure how to achieve  a clean layout, remember to keep it simple.

Easy Reader

When choosing a background color for the text in your site, make sure it is easy on the eyes.  Reading online is difficult to begin with, so use a high contrast – light background with dark text or vice versa.  Most people are used to seeing a light background with dark text – that’s what is printed in most books and magazine, and is usually easiest to read online.  Avoid overly bright or neon colors as either text or background – they can be distracting and make it difficult to read.

Writing For Your Site

I recently had a conversation about what pronouns to use when writing copy for a web site.  This can seem especially tricky if you are self employed; how do you strike a balance between sounding professional, yet approachable?

If you have a business, I recommend writing in third person narrative (“we”, “she/he”, “our”),  as if someone else were writing this about you.  Your business is a separate entity from you.  I know it can feel weird to write about yourself in third person, but remember that you are representing your company and the services your company provides. When people pay you, they will be making the check out to your company name.

Keep your writing style professional, but not overly formal and stiff – you still want to connect with potential clients.  In other words, write as you if you were speaking to a client or potential client.  Don’t let writing website copy intimidate you – you can always change the copy on your site at any time.