Alarming, isn’t it? Using all caps is like someone shouting at you – and no one likes that.  Using all caps may be considered offensive and aggressive to many readers.

Instead of using capital letters to make a headline stand out, try other formatting to achieve the same effect:

  • Make the word or phrase bolded
  • Use a different color
  • Use a different font or font size
  • Use Italics
  • Place extra spacing around a headline to make it stand out

But remember to keep the effects to a minimum – when you try to make everything stand out, nothing does.

In Living Color

A good rule of thumb when deciding which colors to use in your site, is to stick to the colors that are already in your logo or corporate identity.  The benefits of coordinating your web colors with your other media include:

  • Easy identification of your business
  • Coordination of all your online & offline marketing pieces
  • Focused marketing message
  • Establishes credibility

Don’t love your company’s colors?  Use complimentary colors and use your company colors to highlight.

You Don’t Get a 2nd Chance to Make a 1st Impression

When designing the layout of your site, remember that less is more.  The first impression visitors have of your site, will likely be the first impression they have of your company.  Many people check out a company’s site to decide if they even want to contact them.  Keeping the design simple and clean insures that:

  • Your site conveys that your business is professional and organized
  • Makes your message easy to understand
  • Makes it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for
  • Establishes legitimacy of your business
  • Helps establish trust with potential clients

If you’re not sure how to achieve  a clean layout, remember to keep it simple.